Koordinatori Američkih kutaka u Hrvotskoj M.Loncar – AC Zagreb, O.Lubiana – AC Rijeka, M.Belevski – AC Zadar, M.Špoljarić – AC Osijek i M.Bahlen, M.Cvetnic Kopljar (IRO – US Embassy, Croatia) sudjelovali su na regionalnoj konferenciji "Best Practices fo4 Succssesful American Spaces – Opatija  2014."

 Course description: 

This course is intended for Locally Employed Staff (LES) who manage Information Resource Centers (IRCs) and American Spaces (AS) in their countries; and American Spaces (non-USG) staff.  The course will give participants an understanding of best practices for American Spaces administration and management to achieve post and Department goals and priorities.  The workshop will give participants an opportunity to learn from their peers and from experts about innovative programming ideas, IIP programming resources, how to recruit and mentor volunteers, and how to increase their Spaces’ impact in the areas of EducationUSA and English Language Learning.

Course objectives: 

 As a result of attending, all participants will:

•     Gain a better understanding of IIP’s approach to American Spaces as a platform for American policy and outreach;

•     Identify tools and resources available through IIP to integrate into their programming and management of American Spaces;

•        Learn how to  organize and encourage volunteers in American Spaces;

•     Learn about STEM and STEAM, and ways to integrate these innovative new approaches to programming in support of Department goals;

•     Learn about EducationUSA and English Language Learning connections and resources, and ways to use these resources to improve outreach programming; and

•     Increase their ability to use and to promote eLibraryUSA. 

Croatian American Corner’s coordinators: M.Loncar – AC Zagreb, O.Lubiana – AC Rijeka, M.Belevski – AC Zadar, M.Špoljarić – AC Osijek.  

IRO – US Embassy, Croatia: M.Bahlen, M.Cvetnic Kopljar

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